Youth will be lost?

Consider this excerpt from a TableTalk article by Collin Hansen:

“The world has indeed moved away from the church, but it hasn’t yet discovered any better alternatives or lasting answers. Without even mushy values to guide them, youth will be lost in the search for meaning and identity. [Longtime Newsweek religion editor Kenneth L.] Woodward explains,

‘Rather than defining themselves through relationships formed within family, neighborhoods, churches, schools, and teachers, the young imagine—and culturally are encouraged to believe—that the point of growing up is to discover, nurture, and express an inwardly derived, original, and authentic self—independent of institutionally structured relationships with others.'”

This is the world your teens are growing up in. While they search for their identity and purpose, the world gives confusing, contradictory, and man-centered answers. How can you guide your teens toward God and his abiding Word?

Identity & Purpose is designed to get students into the Bible to answer the essential issues they are facing: how they are made in God’s image, vocation, marriage, sex, Sabbath, sin, the promise of a Redeemer, and more.



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