A Study of John 11–21

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What was on Jesus’ heart before he went to the Cross?
Why is it essential to abide in Christ?
How is Jesus the Resurrection and the Life?
How does John persuade his readers to believe in Jesus?

John wrote his book with a purpose, that its readers would believe in Jesus as the promised Messiah, their Lord and Savior. Jesus is the answer to your teens’ spiritual thirst and hunger. In John 11–21, they will explore Jesus’ miraculous raising of Lazarus, the Upper Room discourse, and the arrest, trials, suffering, death, and resurrection of Jesus. We recommend using this study after A Study of John 1–10. Download a free lesson!

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Sessions in this Study

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UNIT 1: John 11–12 (3 weeks)

Session 1

Q. Who is Jesus?
A. Jesus is the eternal I AM, the promised Messiah, full of grace and truth. Those who put their trust in him alone for salvation have eternal life.

Scripture: Overview of the Gospel of John

Session 2

Q. How is Jesus the Resurrection and the Life?
A. Jesus embodies life as God the Son, the promised Messiah, and therefore has authority over death and the ability to give life.

Scripture: John 11

Session 3

Q. Why were there confusion and conflict about Jesus the week before the Cross?
A. Because Jesus announced he was the promised Messiah and the time had come for his death, which would defeat Satan and draw both Jews and Gentiles to the crucified Savior.

Scripture: John 12

UNIT 2: John 13–16 (4 weeks)

Session 4

Q. When his hour had come, what did Jesus do to prepare his disciples?
A. Jesus washed his disciples’ feet, teaching them about humbly serving and loving others.

Scripture: John 13

Session 5

Q. Why did Jesus say, “Don’t be afraid”?
A. Because he is the Way, the Truth, and the Life, and he promised to send the Holy Spirit.

Scripture: John 14

Session 6

Q. Why is it essential to abide in Christ?
A. Because without Christ we can do nothing. Abiding in Christ produces spiritual fruit and love for one another.

Scripture: John 15

Session 7

Q. What’s the good and bad news—for the disciples and us?
A. Christians will suffer trials and hatred of the world, but Jesus has overcome the world and sent the Holy Spirit to comfort and strengthen us.

Scripture: John 15:18–16:33

UNIT 3: John 17–19 (3 weeks)

Session 8

Q. What was on Jesus’ heart before he went to the Cross?
A. In Jesus’ intimate prayer, he communicated his deepest longings to his Father for his disciples and all believers.

Scripture: John 17

Session 9

Q. What did Jesus endure before his crucifixion that revealed both his humility and humiliation?
A. The perfect Son of God was betrayed by Judas, wrongly arrested, abandoned by his friends, and tried by both his countrymen and conquerors.

Scripture: John 18

Session 10

Q. What does the Greek word tetelestai mean?
A. It means “It is finished.” Jesus’ cry signaled the full payment for sin, fulfilling the prophecies regarding the Messiah.

Scripture: John 19

UNIT 4: John 20–21 (3 weeks)

Session 11

Q. From despair and confusion to joyful belief—how?
A. Jesus’ followers saw the empty tomb and Jesus himself, who reassured them with his presence and peace.

Scripture: John 20

Session 12

Q. Why did the risen Christ appear to the disciples a third time?
A. To reaffirm his miraculous power, to fellowship with them, and to confirm Peter’s ministry to shepherd Jesus’ followers.

Scripture: John 21

Session 13

Q. How does John persuade his readers to believe in Jesus?
A. John records historic events and teachings that show Jesus is the Christ, the Son of the living God.

Scripture: John 1:1–18 and review

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    Do you offer the studies electronically? I would like to buy an electronic copy of both leader and student.

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