Q. Who are So What? Bible studies for?

A. So What? Bible studies are designed for high school youth. But some of them are great for middle school ages as well, such as A Study of Philippians, A Study of John 1–10 and 11–21, and Treasuring God’s Word.

All of our studies can be used in small groups, large classes, Sunday school classes, discipleship groups, and more. However you use it, So What? is designed to provide your group with in-depth Bible studies using the modified inductive approach. (What’s that? Find out here.)

If you’re looking for material for younger students, check out our preteen and middle school/junior high material!

Q. What is a modified inductive Bible study?

A. Click here to read more about leading an interactive, effective Bible study.

Q. What do I get with each study?

A. Each Leader Kit includes:
Leader Guide (100+ pages with teaching outline, discussion questions, and study notes)
• Full-color Examine Student Bible Studies (13 sessions, booklet or individual, depending on the study)
• Full-color Student Devotional Journal (booklet or included in Examine study, 30+ pages)
• Bonus! PowerPoint for every session
• Bonus! Digital Devotional to email, post online, or text

Each Student Bible Study Pack includes:
• Full-color Examine Student Bible Studies (13 sessions, booklet or individual, depending on the study)
• Full-color Student Devotional Journal (booklet or included in Examine study, 30+ pages)

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Q. What studies are available?

A. We have 10 studies available now, and more in the works. Sign up here to subscribe to our email list so you will be the first to know what’s new!

Q. Why do you call it So What?

A. These studies are meant to challenge students to ask, “What difference does the Bible make in my life?” Through in-depth studies into God’s Word, students will learn how to relate their faith to life and life to faith. Click here to read more about the philosophy behind the name So What?

Q. Can I try it out first?

A. Click to download free lessons from each of our currently available studies. Print them out and use with your group!

Q. Are the studies available in a digital-only format?

A. The items used to lead these studies are available in print only. Everything you need is included in the Leader Kit, which comes with 1 Student Bible Study Pack. When you purchase a Leader Kit, you have access to supplemental items available for download: PowerPoint shows for each session and a digital version of the devotional Journal. We want you to focus on your own study of Scripture and your students, not printing, folding, and organizing a bunch of downloads!

Q. Why do you have printed student Bible studies? Don’t teenagers today expect everything to be digital or online?

A. The student Bible study, called Examine, is essential for the students to learn how to study the Bible as you lead from the Leader Guide. It is designed to get students to dig into God’s Word and follow the main points of the session, as well as accommodate different learning styles. When students have something they can follow and write on, they retain much more. If they “tune out” at some point during the session, Examine will help them tune back in as they see which questions or points are being covered. Don’t worry if students don’t save them; they have served their purpose.

Q. Do you ship internationally?

A. Absolutely! We can work with you to be sure you receive materials in the most cost-effective way. We have flexible options, depending on your situation. Please email us at curriculumspecialist [at] gcp.org, or contact us here with your specific request and we’ll help you get what you need.

Q. What version of the Bible is used in the studies?

A. The studies use the English Standard Version (ESV) of the Bible.

Q. I ordered a Leader Kit. Where do I download the free digital items, including PowerPoint?

A. When you purchase a Leader Kit, you will have access to digital downloads. Log in to your account at www.gcp.org and click on the Digital Downloads tab in My Account. Questions? Problems? Call 800-695-3387, email us at curriculumspecialist [at] gcp.org, or contact us here.

Q. Is there a particular order you recommend teaching these studies?

A. No, you can use any study at any time. However, a few studies build upon each other. We recommend that you use Identity & Purpose before you do The Christian Mind. Identity & Purpose gives a good, solid foundation for your students, as its focus is on Genesis 1–3. We also have 26 weeks on the Gospel of John, so if you want to lead your teens through this book, start with A Study of John 1–10, and then do A Study of John 11–21. 

Check out this post as well. Here you can see our studies grouped by theme, such as Loving God & His Word and Understanding the Person & Work of Christ. You can choose to do all studies in a particular theme or choose one study from each.

We’ve also had many leaders split a lesson into two sessions because each lesson is packed full of great Bible content. If you have a short group time (such as 30 minutes), it might take you two or even three meetings to cover some of the lessons. Always feel free to adapt the lessons as you see fit for your setting and students!

Q. Why is the Session Outline on the pages before the Leader Prep?

A. The sections are organized this way to help you, as leader, remember to teach from the Session Outline and not the study notes. This reflects the goal of the So What? Bible studies: your students will relate their faith to their lives when they are engaged with God’s Word, you, and each other. Lecturing does not accomplish this.

Q. How does this fit in with other curriculum from Great Commission Publications?

A. The Show Me Jesus Youth Bible studies, including the So What? series, build on Show Me Jesus curriculum for children. Individual courses for ages two through high school encompass a complete plan to teach the Bible as a whole and the unfolding story of redemption in Christ. Both are rooted in our Reformed heritage and doctrine as embodied in the Westminster Standards. Click here to learn more about Great Commission Publications.

Q. How can I tell my youth leader about So What? Bible studies?

A. Send them here! All the information can be found in this website, and we’ll be adding more all the time.

Q. I love it! How can I order?

A. Click to order online now. Or call us at 800-695-3387. Sign up here to subscribe to our email list so you will be the first to know what’s new!

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