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What makes the Bible unique?

Help teens grasp the authority & relevance of the Bible

Teach the entire Bible in 3 weeks?

So the teenagers in your church are total Bible experts—or are they?

Recommended by Ligonier

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True Fulfillment

What’s the point of telling the story of redemption?

Telling God’s Works

How are you telling the next generation the “glorious deeds of the Lord”?

Strengthened by the Story

Finding encouragement in the story of redemption

Infographics! Treasuring God’s Word

Some infographics about the Bible…

Session 13: Treasuring God’s Word

Extra ideas for Session 13…

Session 10: Treasuring God’s Word

Resources on sexual temptation (Session 10)

Session 5: Treasuring God’s Word

Extra idea to enhance Session 5…