Studies for 2014–15?

You can use any of the So What? studies at any time … but, we also suggest these three for the 2014–15 school year. For more info, click on the titles below. Ready to order? You can do that here.

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2014-15 studies

Knowing the God Who Is 

Who is God, what is he like, and why am I distant from him? These are crucial questions your teens are asking. Starting with this study gives your students an excellent framework for understanding the triune, covenantal God who is there.

A Study of Romans 

Identity, the future, failure, friends, drugs, sexuality, rebellion, stress, violence—our teens need help coping with the decisions and pressures facing them. Does studying the book of Romans meet their needs? Absolutely! It addresses their deepest need—God’s grace in their lives through faith in Christ. Paul explains the profoundly wonderful implications and applications of the gospel in Romans.

Growing in Christ’s Church

In this third study, your students delve into Christ’s bride, the Church. Why is the church so important? Can’t we just go it alone and not be a part of the church? Exploring the Scriptures in this study will give your teens the who, what, and why of church—great preparation for when they graduate high school and are on their own in the world.


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