Thankfulness in teens?


“I wish someone would reach out to me once in a while.”

“I feel left out.”

“It seems like people gossip about me and aren’t very welcoming.”

Would these sentiments be expressed in your church? In your youth group? How do we get our teens to demonstrate practical love by serving one another and being thankful for one another?

In session 7 of Growing in Christ’s Church, students listen to Jesus’ command after he washed his disciples’ feet: “Just as I have loved you, … love one another.”

They explore 6 of Christ’s “one-anothers” to see HOW Jesus empowers them to do the impossible.

• LOVE one another
• SUBMIT to one another

• ENCOURAGE one another
• PRAY for one another
• BEAR one another’s BURDENS

Pray for your teens and yourself right now that you would respond to Christ’s love in grateful service.

This is just one lesson of 13 to explore Christ’s love for the church. Download a free sample from Growing in Christ’s Church today!

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