Studies for 2016–17?

You can use any of the So What? studies at any time … but, we also suggest these three for the 2016–17 school year. For more info, click on the titles below. Ready to order? You can do that here.

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A Study of Philippians NEW! 

Stress. Anxiety. Fear. Pain. … Joy. Humility. Contentment. … REALLY?

Philippians is a favorite book of the Bible for teens of all ages—great for teens who don’t know the Lord and treasured by those who’ve walked with him since they were young. Take your students on a journey through Philippians and equip them to “shine as lights in the world,” to “hold fast to the word of life,” and “count everything as loss because of the surpassing worth of knowing Jesus Christ our Lord.” (more info and free sample here!)

A Study of John 1–10 

In all of the So What? studies, we are guiding students to relate faith to life and life to faith. But in A Study of John 1–10, students have the opportunity to listen to the greatest Teacher of all—Jesus, God himself in the flesh—when he walked this earth. In this eyewitness account written by “the disciple whom Jesus loved,” we find Jesus using everyday items and events to teach deep spiritual truths, and everyone—including your teens—must either believe or reject him.

A Study of John 11–21 

Jesus is the answer to your teens’ spiritual thirst and hunger. In John 11–21, they will explore Jesus’ miraculous raising of Lazarus, the Upper Room discourses, and the arrest, trials, suffering, death, and resurrection of Jesus. We recommend using this study after A Study of John 1–10.


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