Session 8 Extra: Song

sw-y3-john2-coverIn this session, students hear the words that were on Jesus’ heart before he went to the Cross—his high priestly prayer in John 17, where he prays for the Father to glorify the Son.

To close this session, you may want to play “The Glory of God” by Shai Linne from the album The Attributes of God.



Some of the lyrics:

Nothing about Him is evil or false

Pure perfection, zero flaws

All of His attributes meet at the cross!

The place where Jesus Christ was smashed

To satisfy God’s righteous wrath

Rose from the grave on my behalf

Through faith in Christ, He lights our path

Makes believers part of His fam

How does a Holy God pardon a man?

Perhaps even harder to understand:

From the beginning was part of His plan!

Listen to it yourself first, then consider sharing it with your students.

Note: This song is just a suggestion. Depending on the view of your teens’ parents toward rap, this song may or may not work with your group. Listen to it ahead of time yourself. Or challenge your students to write their own song or rap about the attributes of God.

What were your students’ reactions to this song’s lyrics?

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