Philippians Extras: Video

No experience in this world can satisfy?

In Session 11 of A Study of Philippians, you and your students look at contentment and read how Paul learned to be satisfied in both good and bad times (Philippians 4:10–13).  Awe Video

We struggle with being content and try to fill that hole with things that don’t satisfy. Use this video to kick off your discussion. In his classic book, Mere Christianity, C. S. Lewis writes,

“If I find in myself desires which no experience in this world can satisfy, the most probable explanation is that I was made for another world.”

The video contains a recording of Lewis saying these words:

Human beings are hardwired for awe. We are worshipers. We are searching for joy, hope, and fulfillment.

This longing is deep in the heart of every human being. It wanders around in your soul. Your heart cries out every day to be enveloped by the glory of God. 

And whether we know it or not, that desire to be amazed, moved, and satisfied is actually a universal craving to see God face-to-face.

For we are on a quest for life. And there are only two places to look: we can search for life in what He created or we can look to our Creator, for whom and by whom all things exist.

As with any video, watch the whole thing yourself ahead of time to be sure it’s appropriate for your group.

What were your students’ reactions? 

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