Philippians Extras: Thankful?

In Kicking Off of Session 4 of A Study of Philippianswe talk about being thankful even when we don’t feel like it. Like when your grandma buys you that ugly sweater … you still should thank her for shopping for you and be grateful for her kindness, even if you don’t FEEL like it.

Christmas Sweater Nerds

As an option to get started on this session, it might be fun to show your students a video of kids who WEREN’T so joyful or appreciative when their parents gave them a bad gift. The parents were asked to prank their kids with bad gifts.

Disclaimer: This video is from a news clip of late-night talk show, and we are not endorsing the show.

You might also search YouTube for other examples of kids reacting badly to gifts. This is a lighthearted activity; obviously we don’t recommend doing this to your kids!

It’s just an opportunity for your teens to get the point by going to the extreme. (As always, make sure you watch the entire video before showing it to your students.)

What were your students’ reactions? 

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