Philippians Extras: Run the race

In Session 8 of A Study of Philippians on Philippians 3:7–4:1, we consider the question, How is my Christian life like a race?

Derek Redmond, a British runner in the 1992 Olympic games, tore his hamstring during the race. Instead of giving up, he continued to run. And then his father came down out of the stands to finish the race with him. Watch the video here. (As always, make sure you watch the entire video before showing it to your students.)Video

When we run the race of faith, we are making effort, pressing on, exercising, overcoming obstacles, and more. But we realize that it is only because of our power source, Christ in us—our union with him—that we are in the race and able to run at all.

What were your students’ reactions? 

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