Doing youth group online?

We know it’s been a crazy season of youth ministry, and we’re here to help. Your teens still need connection with each other and God’s Word this summer, and So What? studies are an awesome tool for making that happen—whether you’re meeting online now, transitioning back to church, or everywhere in between. How?
  1. Use the Leader Kit to prep for your meeting time. It’s got great outlines for Bible study filled with thought-provoking questions to get your teens engaged with God’s Word.
  2. Mail or schedule a pickup/dropoff time for your teens to get a Student Pack. The Bible studies have compelling graphics and interactive tools to get students into the Word for themselves. Every pack also includes a Devotional Journal, designed to encourage more time with Jesus during the week.
  3. Download the PowerPoint slides. Instead of staring at each other on Zoom, the students can see your screen to follow along with the Bible study.
Even if your youth group is taking a summer break, your families with teens might appreciate knowing about So What? for family Bible study. Even your adults will learn a lot about God and his Word!
Share this website and let them know there are 10 different studies to choose from—a study on Romans, the Gospel of John, or Philippians would be a great place to start.
Let us know if we can help you during this time!

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