New study coming soon

Leader Guide: A Study of John 11-21In our newest So What? study, A Study of John 11–21, your students will encounter Jesus through the eyes of his beloved disciple John.

The study will be shipping in January.

What will your students learn in this study?

    • What was on Jesus’ heart before he went to the Cross?
    • Why did Jesus say, “Don’t be afraid”?
    • How is Jesus the Resurrection and the Life?
    • And more!

Are you ready for the newest study?

Have you completed the 8 available now?

Let us know how your students are using So What? studies and what your plans are … You may also respond below.

2 Responses to New study coming soon
  1. Joshua York
    January 2, 2014 | 3:01 pm

    When will this be available? I know it says January, but can you be more specific than that? I’m needing it very soon.

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