New Bible study!

New Bible study for teens—G2R (Genesis to Revelation) God’s Promises 1 Kings–Malachi—now available!

This series is essential for youth. If we aren’t teaching our teens now about God’s unfolding covenant of grace, when will we do it?

Start with Genesis-Exodus in Fall 2022, and you have 2 years of Bible studies or more covered through Revelation!

  • Explores God’s unfolding covenant promises to Adam, Noah, Abraham, Moses, David, and their fulfillment in Jesus Christ
  • Focuses on the why and how of God’s unfolding covenant of grace
  • Traces the gospel from the promised seed in Genesis to Jesus, the promised Messiah in the New Testament
  • Emphasizes interactive discovery using the Bible as the primary source
  • Encourages time alone in the Word using Aha! devotional booklet

Download a free lesson here!




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