Bible studies for everyone?

How do you make sure So What? studies work with your group? Flexibility is key!

So What? youth Bible studies are designed to be flexible and adaptable to the level of biblical knowledge and understanding of your students. A Bible study, however, can only be as flexible as its user—you the leader!

Take a moment to evaluate yourself. Do you inject personal anecdotes or specific incidents for extra explanation? Do you modify the Session Outline to make sure you have time for So What? application activities? Or do you work through the outline, step by step, quitting when time is up—no matter where you end up? Are you willing to try something new? Do you give yourself freedom to fail?

Freedom to fail? Sounds negative, doesn’t it? Actually it’s not. It just means giving yourself permission to be less than perfect when trying something new.

Yes, I'm flexible!For instance, plan something you haven’t done before—a role-play, an outside activity with your students, a project that uses art or video. Then imagine the worse thing that would happen if that method bombed. Would you get “fired”? Would your students be scarred for life? Of course not!

Then imagine the best thing that could happen if you tried something new. Your students could see your sense of humor. They might notice that you are willing to try new things. They could learn better because new things address different learning styles. You might discover that you can do different things. You could notice new strengths in your students.

Work on being a flexible leader. Make a pledge to yourself. Decide to try two methods or activities during this study of John that are new to you. Do a thorough job preparing so that poor planning will not interfere with the study’s effectiveness. Be positive and expect to succeed. But allow yourself freedom to fail. There’s always next time!

What advice do you have for other youth leaders?


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