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What are some different ways to divide your students into groups?

Many of the sessions in So What? studies include activities or sections of the Bible study when you will need to divide your students into groups. You can show your sense of humor and add a sprinkling of variety to each session by the way you form them. For instance, you could divide by eye color, birthdays, shoe size, color of clothing, distance from church, or favorite kind of pizza. When you divide this way, the groups might be uneven—but that’s half the fun.

You could separate into groups by counting off, not just 1, 2, 3, but l-o-v-e; or red, white, blue; or he loves me, he loves me not; or forward, center, guard.

For a specific activity, you might plan certain combinations ahead of time and assign students to their particular groups. This method saves valuable time when there are certain requirements for each group’s makeup. Examples? A skit requiring at least two girls in every group or an activity needing a tall guy in each group.

Sometimes give students opportunity to form their own groups. Other times students can draw group numbers or group names from a hat. The ways your students divide into groups can be elaborate or very simple. Just make sure to vary the method from week to week.

We’d love to hear your creative strategies for managing practicalities in your group. Post your insights and challenges below!


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