Session 2: Treasuring God’s Word

Treasuring God's WordAre you leading Treasuring God’s Word? Here are some extras to enhance your sessions. What other ideas do you have? Post them below!

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Session 2: websites

This session covers the amazing external evidence for the authenticity and accuracy of the Bible. To learn more, go to any of these websites below. (Please note that these websites are run by different organizations and the listing below doesn’t imply endorsement or agreement with all content.)

The Center for the Study of New Testament Manuscripts
This website has a great digital photograph collection of Greek manuscripts spanning the centuries.

Codex Sinaiticus
Learn more about the importance and significance of the Codex Sinaiticus, and see photos of the actual manuscripts by looking up a passage of Scripture.

Digital Dead Sea Scrolls
You can look closely at high-resolution photos of the Dead Sea Scrolls, especially the treasured Great Isaiah Scroll (pictured at left), which contains all 66 chapters of the prophet’s book. (Remember that Hebrew is written from right to left, so chapter 1 is on the right!) Make sure to watch the introductory video.

What others have you or your students found?

Click here for more resources for Treasuring God’s Word.


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