Session 4 Extra: Website

How do your teens evaluate and decide what to listen to, watch, read, or play?

The Center for Parent/Youth Understanding posts reviews of popular music, TV shows, and more on its website, with questions for teenagers to think through from a Christian perspective.

In Session 4, students are asked to consider the question, How are we to think like Christ? They will learn from several passages in Philippians that we are to follow Christ’s example and learn to think sacrificially and humbly.

In the So What? application section, you’ll brainstorm some practical ways to help each other critically think through things that can result in discouragement, impurity, and/or sinful attitudes and actions. You’ll talk about practical ways to encourage each other in thinking about things that are honorable, just, pure, etc. in the context of how we spend our time with media.

You might explore the CPYU website before your group meets to find resources that fit the context of your teens. Note: We cannot take responsibility for everything posted on outside resources; please review anything online before discussing with your group.

What ideas did your students have?

Click here for more resources for The Christian Mind.


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