Session 9 Extra: Google Maps

Are you leading A Study of John 1–10? Here are some extras to enhance your sessions. What other ideas do you have? Post them below!

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Session 9: Google Maps

Where Jesus Walked map

The Examine Student Bible study book includes a map of where Jesus walked. As your students read through each chapter, they will discover that John includes many details about where Jesus went and how long he was there. They will notice that Jesus was on the move!

To help them grasp that Jesus is truly the God-man who walked in real time and space, use the map to trace his journeys and calculate distances.

You may also want to use online maps to explore current-day satellite images. Have they ever seen a photograph of the Sea of Galilee from space? In Google Maps, you can also click on the “Map” icon (top right corner) for “Photos” to display hundreds of photos posted by people from around the world. Just make sure to test out these things before you try them live with your group. Google Sea of Galilee map

You might also find these tips handy: the top 10 things you didn’t know about Google Maps.

What online tips do you have to share with other leaders?

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