Session 6 Extra: False Teachers

PowerPoint Slide: Counterfeit Money

PowerPoint Slide: Counterfeit Money

In this session, students learn we are to flee false teaching (1 Timothy 2) and pursue righteousness. You may have heard this metaphor before:

Bankers are taught to recognize counterfeit money by studying the real thing, not the counterfeit. In the same way, we recognize unbiblical teaching by studying the real thing—God’s Word. If you hear someone talking about a new, special revelation from God or a new secret to unlocking the blessings of life, you need to be wary.

Pastor Tim Challies has heard this before and decided to find out how accurate this often-repeated story is. Read his blog posts on visiting the Bank of Canada and meeting with one of the nation’s foremost experts on counterfeit currency. (He’s Canadian, but we presume the same would apply in the United States and other countries.)

Counterfeit Detection, Part 1

Counterfeit Detection, Part 2

Share this story and the PowerPoint slide of counterfeit money with your students. What are their reactions to discerning false teaching?

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