Session 4: Treasuring God’s Word

Treasuring God's WordAre you leading Treasuring God’s Word? Here are some extras to enhance your sessions. What other ideas do you have? Post them below!

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Session 4: activity ideas

This is the first of three sessions of a timeline survey of the entire Bible (example at left) to help your students see that there’s one big story from Genesis to Revelation.

Here are a few activity ideas that get your students thinking about the whole and its parts.

Elephant Story: Have each student pick a part of an elephant and describe it only. How does the description of each part contribute to the understanding of the whole animal?

Who Am I? Show four close-up photos of a person’s body, such as the eye, elbow, big toe, and nose. Then ask teams of students to draw what the person looks like on a sheet of paper. Can they determine what someone looks like from a few details or do they have to see the whole person?

Pieces and Parts: Tear up a magazine picture of an animal or a person into a dozen or more smaller pieces. Distribute a few pieces to several groups or partners. Ask each group to describe the whole picture from their pieces. Then assemble all the pieces into one picture. How close were they in their descriptions?

Storylines: Recite a few lines out of a well-known story such as Romeo and Juliet. Ask the students to tell the story from the few obscure lines they hear. Can they figure it out?

What other creative ideas do you have for illustrating this point?

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