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As the next generation grows and matures, they will no doubt bump up against the “catechisms” of the world:

Q. Who should you live for?
A. I should be true to myself.

Q. What is the meaning of life?
A. To be happy.

How can we help our young people develop a biblical worldview—the worldview of Jesus? Shorter Catechism provides a deep roadmap into the Kingdom vision of the Bible.

Volume One (Q/A 1–38) explores profound truths about our triune God, and Volume Two (Q/A 39–107) covers how to live in response to him.
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G2R God’s Promises

Take your teens on an amazing discovery of aha moments exploring God’s covenant of grace! This essential series helps your teens make connections from what God promised in the Old Testament to how Jesus fulfilled those promises in the New.

Your teens will be astounded when they encounter WHO Jesus is, WHAT he came to earth for, and HOW that impacts their lives in HUGE ways!

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So What? Youth Bible Studies

Choose from 10 So What? Bible studies that put Scripture at the heart of each session. Students will examine what the Bible says, learn what it means, and see how it relates to their lives.
Choose from these topics:
• Biblical Worldview
• Loving God & His Word
• Nurturing Love for Christ’s Church
• Book Studies: Romans, Gospel of John, Philippians



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