“I’m spiritual but not religious…”

Leader Guide: A Study of John 1-10

How many times have you heard someone say this phrase? How do you respond? And what about your teens?

In this newest So What? study, A Study of John 1–10, your students will see that Jesus explains that every person—even those who consider themselves “spiritual”—needs to be born again.

The free lesson is now available! Click here to fill out the information to download it.

The study is shipping in July and can be pre-ordered today.

What else will your students learn in this study?

• What did people think of Jesus?
• How is Jesus the Light of the World?
• Why are Jesus’ words of eternal life confusing—or even offensive—to many people?
• And more!

Are you ready for the newest study?

Have you completed the 6 available now?

Let us know how your students are using So What? studies and what your plans are … You may also respond below.


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