Survey: Evangelical Teens

Almost all teen Christians in the United States say they believe God exists (99%). What’s striking is that evangelical teens are more certain— 71% say they are “absolutely certain,” more than mainline Protestants (49%) and Catholics (45%).

That is just one of the interesting stats found in the recent Pew Survey. You can read a summary of the findings at The Gospel Coalition.

Just as if I never sinned?


Romans 3 contains what may be the most “famous” Bible verse to your teens: “For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.”

In session 3 of A Study of Romans, they will explore this astounding chapter of Paul’s letter and be struck with the heart of the gospel: Because Christ died as our substitute, God declares us “Not guilty!”

So What? Youth Bible Studies equips leaders to dive deep into Romans and lead students through every chapter to explore the essential truths of Christ’s life, death, and resurrection. It gives you the opportunity to explore sin, faith, grace, and redemption in the context of their questions.

Roadmap to Romans included in every Student Pack

They’ll even get a Roadmap to Romans Guide at the back of each student booklet that’s a quick glance at topics covered in Romans.

Every session of So What? helps you lead your students in the Bible:
• creative topic introductions
• open-ended questions
• Bible background for leaders
• student Bible studies to keep their attention
• digital extras

We’re here to help you love your teens and show them Jesus! Got questions? Email us or call 800-695-3387 anytime!

Relating faith to life and life to faith

All you need for 13 weeks!
Leader Kit $24.99
Student Pack $11.99 each

Is being a Christian worth it?

As some of our churches begin to meet in person again, your teens may be asking, is being a Christian worth it? How do you answer your teens’ hardest questions? How do you apply God’s Word to their deepest issues?

In session 3 of “Knowing the God Who Is,” your teens meet a musician who was asking the same questions they are: Is following God worth it when I see those who dishonor God succeed and prosper?

“Knowing the God Who Is” Leader Kit

  • All you need for 13 weeks!
  • Leader Kit $24.99
  • Student Pack $11.99 each

Still meeting over Zoom or other ways? Yes, you can use So What? studies! Check out this post!

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