Teens waiting until they’re married—realistic?


Is this a question your teens are asking … maybe not out loud but in their heads?

Help teens discover their purpose and God’s design for sex, along with answers to these questions:

  • Who am I and why am I here?
  • Is marriage still relevant?
  • Will things ever get better?

This study of Genesis 1–3 dives into the most important and foundational questions of life—questions your teens are asking and need God’s answers to!

Check out Identity & Purpose So What? youth Bible study:

• 13 weeks on essential truths: image-bearing, purpose, marriage, trusting God, hope
• Leader prep with biblical background
• Lesson outlines with great interactive questions 
• Student Bible studies for different learning styles
• Weekly devotions to use at home or midweek
• FREE digital extras

Order this crucial study and root your teens in God’s Word!

Choose from 10 studies that have everything you need!

“LOVE the So What series!! We love the content—the kids are really digging in and asking good questions and relating what we study to their everyday life. Sometimes we get carried away in our discussion and I have to go back to the leader’s guide and make sure I covered all the points, but it’s pretty easy to find my place because of how it’s set up. The students are going deeper in discussion also and growing in their faith! Thank you!!”
—Nancy in Perry, New York




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